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So you have got your PC and have played for a bit.
Your average score is in the low hundred’s or high nineties and you want to get better.
Or maybe you want to obtain that elusive handicap?
Whatever it may be – you need to fine tune and improve on what you already have.
Perhaps it is swing issues, maybe it is short game or your course management?
Whatever it is, we will identify it and work on taking you to that next level.
This is a team effort and we will find the way for you – together.

Now, speaking of handicaps, as I all know getting a handicap in Singapore is not the easiest thing in the world if you are not a member of one of the private clubs.
I can help you with that.Submit 10 cards and do a handicap test with me and bingo – you have a USGA handicap managed by Golf Allianze SG.Your handicap will be maintained here and allow you to play anywhere in the world.

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