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advanced players

Alright – now you people have taken the game to another level and good for you! But……. ever notice how there is always a but? Can you get better?
Of course you can, because in this wonderful game we never stop learning and never stop trying to improve – I know I haven’t…

From your driver to your wedges, your chipping, putting or bunker play.
Maybe, it’s your course management that needs some work.
Perhaps it’s a physical problem that won’t allow you to make the move you are looking for.
No matter what it is that ails you, everyone can get better with with some time, effort and help.
Let me help you do that.

Your lessons will be structured around you and where you need to improve.
This is where we will work together and formulate a plan that is going to help you get to that next level.
This plan is flexible in the extreme and again, I stress, it will be the two of us working together to achieve your aims.

On course lessons can and do play a big part in this.
As you well know, what we do on the range is not always what happens on the golf course.
One of the great things about working at Champions, is that we have a golf course right on our doorstep, so we can play together to really identify what we need to do to take you to that allusive “next level”.

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